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Large format porcelain offers unrivalled project potential.

By Nicola Tresadern UK Marketing Manager Porcelanosa Group Ltd.

With more than 40 years’ experience, PORCELANOSA Group is one of the most prestigious ceramics manufacturers in the world, offering kitchen and bathroom furniture in over 970 stores across 150 countries. Throughout, consumers can see ongoing developments in the innovation and design of all its products.

Production diversification has played a key role in the growth of the business, which started with the production of a single product: ceramic tiles.

Today, the Group’s eight companies offer a vast product range that includes not just flooring, kitchen and bathroom equipment but also state-of-the-art building solutions for contemporary architecture.

Butech was created as part of PORCELANOSA Group in order to facilitate the work of tile-laying professionals.

Ongoing research into new building solutions led the company to expand its range of products, thanks to efforts invested in the training of its technical staff combined with a concerted bid to maintain the quality guarantees synonymous with PORCELANOSA. Today, Butech offers a wide range of materials and building systems directed at meeting the needs of end users, installation experts, builders and architects.

With the aim of meeting the demands of the most exclusive projects, Urbatek, another brand within the Group, extends its catalogue by means of its new premium large-format porcelain tile XLIGHT. A new porcelain tile collection available in two thickness ranges: the light thin material, and the thick porcelain for a volume creation that improves the PORCELANOSA Group innovation application through Urbatek.

The XLIGHT Premium Collection is inspired by fine marble. Available in a wide range of colours, this range stands out due to its excellence and sophistication, both achieved by a four-graph random installation pattern, which reinforces the authenticity of its faithful replication of the natural stone that provided the initial design inspiration. XLIGHT Premium’s beauty and uniqueness is further enhanced by book match compositions. These mirror-effect installations provide a strong design focus and also draw out the viewer’s eye to enhance the feeling of space in any location.

If there is one material that never fails to bring distinction to any commercial space it is white marble, as it brings luminosity, purity, and elegance to any large space. The XLIGHT Premium selection from PORCELANOSA evokes all the beauty of quarried marble, making this hard-wearing tile the ideal choice for stunning entrances and areas subject to high foot traffic.

Durability and resistance, requirements of any floor that is going to have to withstand continuous foot traffic, is now possible with the prestigious selection from XLIGHT Premium thanks to the range’s six formats with a minimal thickness starting from 3.5mm. Thanks to technical developments by Urbatek, PORCELANOSA Group’s experts in through-body porcelain tiles, this is a collection with amazing visual and technical properties. Made of top-quality natural minerals, with no resins or harmful substances used in the manufacturing process, XLIGHT Premium offers endless potential and guaranteed quality.

XLIGHT’s Premium Collection is the perfect choice to embellish large spaces where the elegance of marble is required alongside the resistance and technical performance of porcelain tiles for wall or floor tilling. This material offers a multitude of possibilities and is suitable for both new projects or refurbishment applications; in the latter case it significantly reduces investment in a project because it can be used to over-tile, with no need to remove and treat the ceramic surface that is being replaced.

It is highly versatile and can be used to plan fully integrated rooms. Typical applications include invisible doors and cupboards, fully tiled bathrooms, and kitchens furnished with a single hygienic, highly resistant, material. These are just a few examples of how this ultra-slim ceramic material opens up new possibilities in the world of architecture and interior decoration.

Product portfolio
The XLIGHT Premium Collection is made up of six product designs, all of which deliver the luxury and durability of the natural marble that inspired the range: Kala White, Lush White, Moon White, Savage Dark, Aged Clay, and Aged Dark.

Kala White: This new ultra-slim porcelain from the Premium Collection by PORCELANOSA Group is inspired by the bright touch of white marble and features subtle grey veining on a fine base. While this timeless ceramic material recalls classical marble, it is ideal for contemporary interior architecture.

Lush White: With a more minimalist style, Lush White portrays the purity of the whitest marble. It features fine veining of great lightness and uniformity with a carefully modulated level of colour.

Moon White: This design delivers a uniform white finish that is full of brightness and this design is available in both natural and polished finishes, and is specially suitable for the creation of high-end kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Savage Dark: A dark grey porcelain with prevailing shades of tobacco, this is a design that provides depth, distinction, and stunning beauty.

Aged Clay: This is a characterful sand grey marble with a grainy base and satin shades.
Aged Dark: Capable of adding a real touch of drama to any interior, this is a stony styled dark grey marble-effect with strong graining and satin shades.

As well as offering outstanding physical and mechanical features, it is possible to use the XLIGHT range for many different applications because it comes in a range of thicknesses, making almost everything possible with one single material.

Durable, strong and extremely light due to the minimal 3.5mm thickness, the thinnest XLIGHT panels, 100 by 300cm, have a fibreglass reinforcing mesh on the back which improves the flexural strength of the tile. The 3.5mm thick XLIGHT collections are intended for façades, interior tiling work, or mobile walls. This material is easy to cut and thus adapted to accommodate each project’s requirements.

The 6mm thick XLIGHT products address the challenge of free-form design with a 120 by 250cm XXL panel and a 120 by 120cm tile for residential wall and floor tiling respectively. This thickness has designs suitable for residential floors, interior tiling and façades, as well as furniture applications.

The 9mm thickness is aimed at exclusive commercial flooring applications. The 100 by 100cm XXL tiles are perfect for large areas with high traffic levels, where the quality, robustness, and other technical capabilities of porcelain are required.

Certain ranges, such as Stark in white, grey, sand, and black, are available in a 12mm thickness in 60 by 120cm, and 120 by 120cm formats for more demanding technical applications.

XLIGHT can be used as a ceramic covering for prefabricated units such as bathroom and kitchen pods. XLIGHT allows for customisation and easy-to-cut shapes. The tiles can be installed on the assembly line saving both time and money.

Because it is so lightweight, XLIGHT can be used to clad all kinds of mobile closure systems and furniture. Cladding a garage door or concealing air vents and equipment on façades is now possible with these 3.5mm and 6mm thick tiles. Thanks to their low water absorption rate, XLIGHT is easy to clean and needs no special maintenance.

XLIGHT is also the perfect wall covering for more spacious interiors. It is easy to handle, transport, and lay. It is the ideal choice for bathroom, kitchen and communal area refurbishment projects; offering all the characteristics of porcelain tiles and a minimum thickness.

XLIGHT is synonymous with outstanding technical and mechanical performance. They have a water absorption rate of <0.5% in accordance with ISO 14411 and ISO 13006, and are fully certificated for use in outdoor areas and on façades. Butech has created bonded and ventilated façade systems that are designed to use XLIGHT large-format tiles.

Ventilated façade systems have an excellent resistance to atmospheric agents and they ensure estimated energy savings in the thermal insulation of buildings of around 20 to 30% in relation to other conventional systems.

XLIGHT has a selection of finish options. Polished delivers a highly reflective gloss shine. Nature is a smooth matte surface offering simple, elegant, warmth.

The most recent addition, the products of the company’s continuing R&D activity, is the Silk finish. Here mechanical brushes are used to obtain a silky satin finish, that is highly tactile, combining beauty and refinement.

Apart from innovative large formats such as 120 by 120cm or 120 by 250cm – also products of this intensive and never-ending R&D programme – Urbatek is able to increase the application potential of its porcelain tile by working closely with other companies within the PORCELANOSA Group.

As an example, Urbatek works with Noken sanitary ware in the creation of new bathroom furniture, joining both the high functionality and quality of bathroom equipment with the resistance and lightness of the XLIGHT.

This R&D achievement has been recognised externally. For instance, the XLIGHT Premium Collection was recognised at the INNOV16 awards in the Refurbishment and Renovation category, at the recent EquipHotel Exhibition Fair in Paris.

Technical properties
Chemical resistance
Unaffected by chemicals or gasses, preventing surface degeneration.

Low water absorption
The low porosity of compact porcelain ensures zero liquid absorption, and also prevents the build up of odours.

Easy to clean
Easy maintenance without the need of special care products. The material carries a 10 year guarantee, providing peace of mind to all users.

Resistant to UV rays
This attribute ensures that the tile’s original appearance is maintained over time due to total colour stability.

Thermal resistance
Unaffected by sudden changes in extreme temperatures. This means that the material is suitable for both internal and external applications. It is resistant to direct contact with hot utensils, fire, or frost.

Scratch and impact resistant
Extremely resistant to scratching from household utensils and capable of withstanding high mechanical loads.

Hygienic and antibacterial
Ideal for direct contact with food, it does not release volatile organic compounds (VOC), and is resistant to fungal and bacterial attack.

Application advice
For optimum results when laying 6mm-thick slimline XLIGHT porcelain sheets, certain conditions must be met and procedures followed.

Use professionals with demonstrated experience in laying large-format ceramic tiles.
Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Read the information in the technical data sheets and on the packaging before using a product.

Always use the right tools for the work in question.

Make sure that the envisaged work area is safe, clean and well lit.

Specific tools and equipment for large-format slimline tiles will be needed to handle cut and lay the XLIGHT Premium porcelain sheets.

XLIGHT guide rails for straight cuts and for trimming off marked sections.

A notched trowel: use a 3mm and 6mm V notched trowel so that the adhesive can easily be spread in uniform fashion.

Super-flex S2 (a high-performance single-component cement-based adhesive).

An XLIGHT rubber trowel to press the XLIGHT sheets down onto the bed of adhesive.

Spacers: the tile joints should have a width of not less than 2mm.

An XLIGHT lifting frame with double suction cups for moving the ceramic sheets.

PORCELANOSA Group is one of the most important ceramics manufacturers in the world, offering furniture, kitchen and bath items, with over 970 stores across the globe.

Today, PORCELANOSA Group is a major reference on the Spanish and international markets, operating in accordance with firmly-consolidated values such as innovation and quality, and especially the trust it has placed in its extensive human capital, made up of almost 5,000 skilled professionals, and its ongoing concern for its stakeholders.

With more than 40 years’ experience, PORCELANOSA Group is present in 150 countries worldwide, an achievement that is attributable to its unique business model, which forms the foundation for its strong, dynamic corporate strategy. A study published by Pricewaterhouse Coopers and the Financial Times has positioned the company amongst the most prestigious firms on the global scene.
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