Bespoke carpet tiles

Popularity grows for a flexible, stylish, adaptable option.


HOW and why did bespoke carpet tiles become one of the biggest flooring trends of the moment?

In recent years, the demand for bespoke products has increased among consumers in all aspects of their lives. From home interiors to cars, almost every market in the UK has felt a shift towards personalisation and bespoke offerings – with the flooring industry being no exception.

Whether it’s in domestic or commercial applications, individuality is key in interior design specification.

Companies therefore need to ensure they offer this versatility in their product offering to allow installers and designers to choose from various textures, colours and sizes, allowing the customer to add a unique and individual style to their setting.

What are the benefits of using carpet tiles?
When it comes to flooring, there are no limits to the design configuration of carpet tiles, as each individual tile can be different, meaning even the most adventurous customer can achieve their end design goal. Moreover, tiles can be cut into different shapes and sizes for bespoke design, meaning that the design configurations are now endless. This has allowed Carpet and Flooring to bring new combinations, colour mixes and visions to life and to the market.

Customers are taking a much more considered approach to choosing floorcoverings, but carpet tiles continually emerge as offering a flexible, future-proofed option to fit all budgets and styles. By understanding recent trends in carpet tiles, developments in the technology that creates them and changing customer requirements, installers and specifiers will help increase the popularity of carpet tiles further, resulting in impressive projects and happy customers.

With these factors in mind, Carpet and Flooring has spent time developing its CFS product ranges to meet the demands of this bespoke trend. With design flexibility and functionality, fitting simplicity and easy cleaning solutions front of mind, CFS carpet tiles have increased in popularity for those who want to use flooring to express their brand, style and personality.

As well as design led flooring choices, carpet tiles allow a customer to use zonal demarcation to install a variety of shades or textures throughout a property or building, using them to highlight different key areas.

It makes each room or area feel unique and demonstrates its individual purpose. It also allows the flooring to match the interior design of a particular space, rather than being a blanket-fit across a whole building. Zonal flooring also allows specifiers and installers to create walkways in a building. These can guide end-users around a property or create a path, subconsciously forcing building users to take a particular route- something particularly useful in the retail sector.

Alongside creating a bespoke aesthetic in a property, carpet tiles also present a raft of additional benefits to specifiers and installers. Highly durable, hard-wearing and stain resistant, carpet tiles are typically maintainable with a regular vacuum. This makes them ideal for high footfall areas.

If one area of the floorcovering becomes damaged or stained beyond the point of repair, they’re also easy to install, and are easily replaceable should even just one or two tiles need replacing.

Using carpet tiles to create bespoke flooring can be applied across a range of sectors. The below are just a few case study examples of Carpet and Flooring products being used in various different applications:

Commercial/office spaces
In 2018, international digital marketing agency Croud underwent a refurbishment where the interior designer specified a design scheme that would showcase the company’s forward thinking and innovative values. The team at Croud wanted an office space that was modern, light and fresh, concentrating on employee wellbeing while ensuring the flooring complemented the overall office aesthetic and made a bold statement. The company also wanted to apply biophilic design – bringing an element of the outdoors into the workplace.

Having previously used Planned Office Interiors for the successful completion of the Croud ground floor office space, the agency re-contacted the designers to explore renovating its first floor to maximise the building’s operating capacity and create an interior design scheme in house. Planned Office Interiors designed the space to meet the brief, ensuring the flooring complemented the overall office aesthetic, while making a bold statement.

Croud wanted to use the flooring to create a boardwalk feel when staff entered the office and worked with Carpet and Flooring to execute this, installing CFS CityWalk plank in Toronto Twilight.

CFS CityWalk offers a tile and plank range which has been designed to allow installers to be creative with layouts and formats, creating a unique appearance in urban and commercial spaces.

Available in nine colours and two formats – a 50x50cm tile and a 25x100cm plank – CFS CityWalk offers endless versatile design options. The products can be laid in ashlar, semi ashlar, quarter turn, herringbone and random configurations, dependent on the design specification required.

Neil Rowley, office furniture & project manager at Planned Office Interiors, said of the project: ‘This project gave our team the opportunity to flex their creative muscles. The renovation, in its entirety, took a week to complete. Staff were relocated during this period to ensure a fast turnaround, arriving back at their office to an open, fresh and stylish interior design, with a focus on employee wellbeing.’

Moreover, CFS CityWalk is easy to clean and maintain, comes with a 20-year warranty, making it perfect for commercial settings and is BREEAM-rated, meaning the aspects of sustainability – and the benefits and value it brings – can be confidently accepted.

In addition to CFS CityWalk, another way Carpet and Flooring has demonstrated its innovation, is through CFS Precision Solidz & Txture. CFS Precision Solidz & Txture can be used to create individuality within interiors, demonstrate the value and worth of a brand or space. If a visitor can see and feel the high quality of a floorcovering underfoot, such as with a particularly plush carpet tile, they will instinctively associate the building with grandeur, meaning they feel more special.

CFS Precision Solidz & Txture has been designed to do exactly that, by enhancing any room with a modern look and feel.

Combining plain and patterns together ensures a unique and modern installation is achieved, catching to any eye. This product is manufactured from recycled yarn with a high tuft density, ensuring that a heavy commercial rating is achieved, making it the perfect fit for any commercial building, supported by its 15-year commercial warranty.

CFS Precision Txture tiles were also recently installed in the University of Salford’s Peel Hall. Owing to the high volume of traffic in the room, the flooring needed to be hardwearing and able to hide inevitable stains. It also needed to look modern yet still be in keeping with the original period features. In addition, as the flooring was going to run up and down the stairs, the University wanted a flooring that would create a clear walkway for students and staff.

Barratt and Hughes selected CFS Precision Txture tiles after using the product in a store refurbishment project and being impressed with the quality. By specifying the flooring in the colour Rioja Red, they were able complement the Hall’s existing interior design scheme. Owing to being single tiles, the carpet can easily be replaced in the event of damage, cutting down potential refurb time and costs for the University in the future.

CFS Precision Txture is also BREEAM certified. BREEAM-rated products and places are certified through a third-party certification of the assessment of an asset’s environmental, social and economic sustainability performance, using standards developed by BRE.

This means BREEAM-rated products and developments are more sustainable environments that enhance the well-being of the people who live and work in them, help protect natural resources and make for more attractive property investments.

With a proven track record of being installed in student housing, Mill Road Student Accommodation had 2,000m2 of CFS Project, a polypropylene contract loop pile carpet tile, installed throughout the building in Dark Grey.

Installed in Dark Grey and easy to clean, the product remains in peak condition for longer. Moreover, as the product is installed in tiles, if one part of the flooring does become damaged or worn, a single tile can be replaced, as opposed to the entire floorcovering, which is crucial when installing flooring in student accommodation.

When making the interior design choices, CFS provided full sized sample tiles, allowing the specifier to get a rounded view of the floor covering before installation. Despite the installer used throughout the project being a CFS customer for over a decade, providing full size sample tiles meant the product installed was guaranteed to meet the design and quality benchmarks set by the architects.

A bright future for carpet tiles
Spending time recognising habits of a client, what their interior design aspirations are, and the budgets they are working to, will help to ensure you specify the right carpet tiles for the project – saving yourself time, resource and money in the long run. At the moment, for many clients this means creating a tailored – and often bespoke – solution with products that are flexible, stylish and adaptable.

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