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Entrance mat systems for effective dirt reduction.

By Graham Harris UK GENERAL MANAGER Emco UK Ltd.

ENTRANCES are what give visitors their first impressions of a building and require particular attention to be paid to creating a sense of harmony in their overall look.
As the market leader in the field of customised dirt collection systems, emco has been setting benchmarks in this sector for more than 40 years.

Thanks to its Entrance-Mat- and Clean-Off Systems as well the numerous special designs it offers, emco ensures dirt and moisture are left at the door.

Designing clean entrances
Exceptional variety and design-oriented functionality
The first impression on entering a building plays a crucial part in the overall effect on the visitor. Entrance areas therefore require an environment that combines a welcoming atmosphere with aesthetics and functionality.

We offer individual, tailor-made dirt removal systems, based on our 3-zone cleaning system concept, that trap up to 90% of dirt and moisture as people walk across them. They make a significant contribution to a pleasant reception environment and long-lasting protection of the surrounding floorcoverings, as well as to a significant reduction in cleaning work throughout the building.

In addition to our dirt-removal systems, our product range also includes carpet mats made with individually tailored colours and motifs, as well as top-quality gratings for swimming-pool and sanitary facilities.

A wide choice of designs and components means we can provide architecturally sophisticated solutions for every type of requirement. At the same time, experienced specialists and a nationwide service network ensure expert, reliable project support throughout the pre- at- and after-sales phases.

The emco 3-zone cleaning system
A preventative concept for cleanliness
First impressions are everything. And that’s why the entrance area of any building needs to emanate cleanliness and epitomise colour coordination. The emco 3-zone cleaning system transforms entrance lobbies into clean reception areas and is an efficient way to protect buildings against the problem of dirt.

Zone 1 focuses on removing coarse dirt, zone 2 on brushing off fine dirt and zone 3 is responsible for absorbing residual dirt and moisture.

The system can be perfectly adapted to the conditions. Not only that, but it permanently reduces the amount of cleaning required by adjacent floorcoverings and increases their service life considerably.

The sheer diversity of available products and designs means precise and highly customised solutions can be created for an extremely wide range of architectural and technical requirements – so your building can make a great first impression emanating quality and cleanliness.

Coarse dirt is brushed off in zone 1 thanks to the rubber or cassette-brush inserts. It’s suitable for use indoors and out, with certified non-slip properties.

Zone 1
Coarse dirt
Coarse fibre-ribbed carpet inserts for brushing off fine dirt. The non-slip insert material is suitable for indoor use and for use in covered outdoor areas.

Zone 2
Fine dirt
Inside buildings, the non-slip emco clean-off floorcoverings are extremely effective at absorbing moisture and residual dirt, thereby preventing

Zone 3
Damp and residual dirt Inside buildings, the non-slip emco clean-off floorcoverings are extremely effective at absorbing moisture and residual dirt, thereby preventing footprints.

Combinations: options
Individual solutions for all requirements
Ideal for any entrance situation: The 3-zone cleaning system is used entirely inside the building or both indoors and out, depending on how much space is available.

The larger the area to walk on, the better. The smaller the area to walk on, the more innovative the solution becomes. If necessary, zones 1 and 2 can be combined in a single emco entrance mat system.

In keeping with the architecture: The technology, shape and colours used must fit in with the overall architectural concept. Depending on specifications, emco entrance mats can be provided with curves, angles or cut-outs.

The large choice of colours and designs open up a whole host of options. Numerous additional components (such as an LED illuminated frame system or a stainless-steel profile with laser-engraved name) are available for a personal and rather exclusive touch.

Unbeatable facts
Dirt and moisture are contained and remain in the entrance area, keeping the lobby clean and attractive. As a rule, the longer the clean off zone, the cleaner the inside of the building.

Up to 90% less dirt
The emco 3-zone cleaning system reduces dirt by up to 90%. On average, buildings without an entrance matting system have to be cleaned thoroughly once every two weeks. With the emco 3-zone cleaning system, once every five weeks is perfectly sufficient. This results in lower investment costs for renovation work.

Safety and hygiene
Make trip hazards in the form of moisture and dirt a thing of the past. All emco entrance matting systems feature certified non-slip properties and stop moisture from entering the building, which helps prevent accidents. What’s more, they significantly improve hygiene levels in heavily frequented areas.

Sound absorption and atmosphere
A better quality of life: Textile clean-off zones reduce sound and create a pleasant atmosphere.

Increasing the life of adjacent floorcoverings.

emco mat systems help protect adjacent floorcoverings by minimising the wear-and-tear inflicted on surfaces by dirt and by reducing the need for frequent cleaning. The floorcoverings last longer, which is good news for your pocket and for the environment.

Lower costs: Built-in sustainability
Stop dirt in its tracks: Functional inserts (which can be supplemented by aluminium scraper bars and brush strips, where necessary) ensure optimum performance in terms of dirt removal. And they do this in a sustainable way, because rather than getting stuck in the mat, the dirt falls through the gaps between the mat profiles. The mats can be rolled up, allowing dirt to be subsequently removed from the matwell with the utmost ease.

The net effect is that the 3-zone cleaning system is able to reduce cleaning costs by up to 90%.

emco service mission
The emco service mission is to ensure long-lasting quality. Service employees come to take measurements (for special shapes, too) and are there to help you select the perfect system. Their aim: to provide expert solutions for your individual needs.

We can offer assistance with cleaning or send someone out to replace your ribbed carpets on request – wherever you are in UK.

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