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Two product lines – endless possibilities.


IF specifiers are committed to improving the indoor environment of buildings by producing durable, low-emitting rubber floorcoverings that also minimise the ecological and environmental operational footprint, then they should get to know rubber flooring manufacturers which support industry standards of environmental responsibility and are able to provide long-lasting, sustainable flooring solutions.

As the first resilient flooring manufacturer to publish a verified Environmental Product Declaration for both norament and noraplan products, nora sets the standard for others to follow. This commitment was also the case in being the first to carry the Blue Angel and GREENGUARD GOLD certifications contributing to a safer indoor environment for our customers.

Excellent indoor air quality and an extended lifecycle are just a few of the many ways nora helps you create a sustainable design that is in harmony with nature.

Floors aren’t just important stylistic elements, they have to be hard-wearing and be convincing in their design and functionality. The extreme wear resistance and longevity of nora rubber floorcoverings, which still look practically new even after many years of intensive usage, make a decisive contribution to the sustainability of buildings.

As a solution provider, our products with their many creative possibilities, our extensive range of accessories and nora one an environmentally compatible system of primer, screed, adhesives and floorcoverings which has also attained the Blue Angel award, assures the technical functional capability as well as low emissions of the whole flooring installation.

nora floorcoverings can be installed using solvent-free environmentally compatible adhesives.

The nora stairtread system offers an all in one tread, nosing, riser available with DDA compliant safety strips. Install with nora stepfix for a time-saving and solvent-free solution.

Advantages in cleaning and care: The extremely dense, closed surface allows easy, economic cleaning without the need for coatings, giving the added benefit of cost savings.

When choosing the appropriate flooring for your building, a safe environment means more than good indoor air quality alone, other performance criteria may also need to be satisfied such as slip resistance, nora smooth resilient floors meet or exceed the required slip resistance standard making them a suitable choice for dry, commercial and public settings.

Hygiene and infection control, acoustics, ergonomics and fire resistance are also factors needing consideration.

nora floorcoverings are toxicologically safe in the event of a fire, our floors will not generate any hydrochloric acid, dioxins or furans. Extremely tough and hardwearing, our rubber floors have a life expectancy far above the average of other resilient floorcoverings. A long-life expectancy means conservation of resources, of our products and of the accessories required to install them.

The closed surface also ensures the infrequent need to renew, replace or dispose of nora rubber floors. Their dense, closed surface means they are dirt repellent which makes them easy to clean and maintain, no coatings are required.

In an effort eliminate the number one cause for installation failures, nora developed an innovative new system. nora nTx is a highly efficient pre-applied adhesive system which is odourless, solvent- free and environmentally friendly.

nora nTx eliminates the use of wet adhesive systems, and their odours. It can be laid on common concrete or cement screed surfaces as well as directly on top of existing floorings.

Suitable also for high levels of residual moisture in screeds. Other advantages are a substantially faster installation, with less chance for error, no waiting time required, immediate use to all traffic, with long-lasting performance.

At nora, we believe sustainability today is the foundation of a better tomorrow. As the world’s trusted provider of premium rubber flooring, we’re committed to improving life for everyone who touches our product. Our commitment and upcoming initiatives are built upon the three pillars of sustainability: People, Planet and Prosperity.

Reducing our carbon footprint, as individuals and collectively as a company, is an ongoing commitment.

nora by Interface is the commercial rubber flooring brand of Interface, Inc. Produced in Germany for more than 65 years, nora premium rubber helps support operations, efficiencies, health, safety and wellbeing with sustainable flooring that eases maintenance, and provides added comfort underfoot.

Interface, Inc is a global flooring company specialising in carbon neutral carpet tile and resilient flooring, including luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and nora rubber flooring. We help our customers create high-performance interior spaces that support well-being, productivity, and creativity, as well as the sustainability of the planet.

Our mission, Climate Take Back, invites you to join us as we commit to operating in a way that’s restorative to the planet and creates a climate fit-for-life.

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