Helping to feed visitor’s imagination at Longleat Safari Park

WHEN Longleat Safari Park was designing a restaurant to celebrate the personality of its residents, Karndean Designflooring was the perfect choice for a unique blend of LVT flooring, the manufacturer says.

Longleat Safari Park, set in the rolling countryside of Wiltshire, wanted to create a new restaurant which would reflect its spectacular 9000-acre surroundings and withstand the demands of a popular tourist destination.

Gloucestershire-based design agency Space Group was selected to design and fit the new restaurant and coffee bar. The team worked with Karndean Designflooring to create a restaurant space that suits the extraordinary venue, reflecting both the grandness of Longleat’s stately home with the exotic wildness of the animal park.

Known as The Chameleon Tree, the restaurant was designed to be an eclectic mix of modern finishes, underpinned with historical references to provide guests of all ages with a bright, contemporary and welcoming environment.

Longleat Safari Park opted for a combination of Karndean stone and oak designs, creating a bespoke floor that features a mix and match pattern said to be reminiscent of the natural colouring of Longleat’s residents.

The flooring design incorporates different patterns to clearly depict the variety of food offerings and to guide people through the restaurant as a wayfinding tool. Karndean says the seamless finishes mean there are no trip hazards, so the restaurant is very easy to navigate whether on foot, in a wheelchair, or with a pushchair.

Gemma Anderson, head of creative and marketing for Space Group commented: ‘The natural finishes within the interior were chosen to reflect Longleat’s surroundings, while the bright colours and textures represent its British eccentricity.

‘A lot of the floor design originated with the architectural features because we wanted to retain the building’s heritage. The pattern was intended to echo the ceiling’s beam structure and the roof lanterns. At Space we often use Karndean in our projects and we’re glad we did once again – everyone who sees it agrees it looks fantastic.’

The Chameleon Tree can cater for up to 420 guests at any one time, so the floor design and durability were important from a visitor perspective. The ideal floor would be hard wearing and would retain its attractive appearance, come rain or shine, for years to come.

Fleur Carson, commercial sales director at Karndean Designflooring said: ‘With our wide range of designs, we are able to supply a finish to suit any interior scheme. By using a range of hues from our Van Gogh collection, it was possible to create a flooring design for The Chameleon Tree in which the tones all complement each other, helping to give a sense of flow to the space.

‘In a fast-paced restaurant with high traffic areas like this, you need a floor that can withstand the levels of footfall and you also want to avoid slips and trips. With Karndean you can tick these boxes and still have a bespoke floor that looks fantastic.’

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