Human-centred design at WiZink’s headquarters, Madrid

NEW business models require new work environments, and this was a key part of the design approach behind the new WiZink headquarters in Madrid.

The bank’s headquarters in Madrid is an ‘intelligent’ building of 7,650sq m, distributed over eight floors and equipped with the latest technology. With open spaces and no offices, employees are able to work anywhere they wish.

The building is equipped with mobility tools and wireless connectivity in its rooms. Each employee can choose the location from which they want to work, depending on the project and the team, because there are no assigned positions.

A building without offices, the space accommodates socialising and multifunctional areas, as is the case of the dining room, which can be transformed into an auditorium.

For this project, with a design developed by the consultancy 3g office and realised with main contractor 3g works, co-creation was also adopted. Involving WiZink employees in the configuration of the office from the outset, it uses the concept of human-centred design, with spaces designed for people and each individual’s way of working.

‘The objective was to create a flexible work environment, which avoids hierarchical structures and ensures that each employee has the most appropriate space for the activity they perform, allowing them to collaborate and share. In addition, the main areas of the building have been allocated to common areas, thinking about the use and enjoyment by the largest number of people,’ says Jaime Méndez, project director of 3g office.

‘We have co-ordinated the whole process of transformation of spaces and work forms for WiZink, resulting in the integration of three completely different cultures in one new organisation. These are completely versatile and flexible work environments, adapted to the reality and culture of a 100% digital bank.’

Shaw Contract’s carpet tiles were specified over 4,800sq m, and included Saturate from the Color at Work collection which merges fields of colour and pixelated pattern to create the framework for a striking flooring design. Plank shape tiles were installed in a range of configurations, including herringbone, to great effect, says Shaw Contract. Colour and contrast are said to add energy to and create different moods within the space.

The project was a winner in the Shaw Contract 2018 Design Awards – Large Office category.

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