Non-PVC technology

Aesthetically pleasing design and high performance

By Paul Speers Sales UK & Ireland MeisterWerke.

AS a manufacturer of wood-based flooring products Meister prides itself on providing truly sustainable solutions for the project and retail markets.

Being a German manufacturer, it goes without saying Meister only produces products to the highest standards, regarding both the raw materials used and the manufacturing process.
The consequences of this are far-reaching ensuring the final product has sustainability built into every aspect of its lifecycle and ultimate disposal.

Meister’s policy of continually striving to develop new products to not only offer new solutions to the problems encountered but to do this with products that not only perform to the highest levels but are also extremely pleasing to the eye.

In presenting two products – Catega Flex and Nadura – we’re pleased to showcase our innovation within this non-vinyl category.

As producers of engineered wood and laminate flooring the heart of Meister is very much founded in the use of wood core materials, and it’s with this in mind the innovation continues to develop around natural source raw materials as much as possible.

The ‘floating floor’ concept is also a big part of the thought process allowing for quicker installation, and easier replacement when the time comes for a refurbishment.

Effective lifecycle costing is planned into these flooring products to ensure the best value for budget is achieved throughout the life of the floor, with ease of maintenance being at the core.

Maintenance and the use of cleaning chemicals and processes is all taken into consideration when designing floors, and these products can be maintained very easily with water and proprietary cleaning solutions are non-toxic and invasive to the environment.

Catega Flex
100% PVC-free design floor
Catega Flex is a thin section flooring product that provides the advantages of a vinyl plank floor but 100% PVC- and plasticiser-free.

The flooring is made from a wood derived core material that has an ‘Aquasafe’ composite core. Surface design and texturing is provided by a unique process of heat fusion, design films and non-PVC wearlayers, creating a high performance natural looking floor.

100% free of PVC and plasticisers
While understanding that industry has become better at recycling and controlling the use of PVC and plasticisers Meister still prefers to find solutions using as much natural composition as possible.

18 stunning wood designs
This elegant long plank format is offered in 18 wood designs from light contemporary oaks through to highly distressed Vintage Ash and luxuriant Walnut styling.

Large format planks create luxury design aesthetics: 2150mm x 216mm x 5mm
The large format plank size creates the appearance of higher end wood flooring that boasts longer and wider board dimensions. The planks have all round v-grooves to emphasise the beauty and uniqueness of the floor.

Thin section 5mm suitable for renovation without increasing floor heights
In many renovations the ability to install a new floor without increasing the overall height is very useful so as not to cause an issue with door heights and other fixtures and fittings.

The product thickness works well with most other floor-finishes for integrated design schemes in the office environment. Furthermore, it also has the ability to overcome small deficiencies in existing subfloors as the boards are flexible but rigid at the same time, so defects in the subfloors don’t appear through the surface.

Catega Flex has a PUR top layer which is 100% PVC-free and fully odourless.
This PUR top layer makes the floor quiet and gives it warmth and elasticity, which makes it the perfect floor to walk barefoot on. All Catega Flex floors are also available with an additional 1mm built in underlay to even more improve the silence effects.

Wear class 23/33 heavy commercial
The performance of Catega Flex ensures its suitability for most heavy commercial installations, department stores, public buildings and offices to name a few. In the domestic scenario the flooring carries a 20-year warranty.

Excellent impact and scratch resistance
Impact resistance and static point-loading from furniture etc is a real plus point with Catega Flex as the core material and surface finish are extremely resistant. Scratch resistance from furniture and foot traffic is equally impressive.

High resistance to fire Cfl-s1 (hardly flammable)
Helps ensure the building meets the most stringent fire resistance requirements while offering a very natural wood look.

High resistance to fading/excellent colourfast performance
Even in areas of direct sunlight and floor to ceiling windows the product outperforms most vinyl-based options.

Installation with secure locking system
Tried-and-trusted locking system ensures the material is installed faster and more securely, preventing future shrinkage and the risk of gaps appearing.

Suitable for use with underfloor heating
Ideal for use with underfloor heating systems (hot-water type preferred) where the surface temperature of the subfloor doesn’t exceed 27deg C. Transfer of the heat is maximised by the construction profile of the product.

Blue Angel award for sustainability
This is one of the highest accolades for sustainable products in the European market. The review takes into account full manufacturing impact, lifecycle assessment and disposal.

The wood-based elements of Catega Flex are all manufactured with PEFC certification and produced by Meister which also holds full FSC certification.

Another non-vinyl category product from Meister is Nadura. Manufactured with an ‘Aquasafe’ composite core and coated with newly developed mineral and wood-based surface technology, another separate category of flooring.

Wood fibres and minerals are Nadura’s main components. Together with natural dyes and other components, this new mixture of materials is compressed under high pressure and at high temperatures using the innovative wood powder technology.

Although incredibly hard-wearing the construction offers a comfortable feel and room acoustic, in fact it has the comfortable warmth of wood and the extreme durability of stone.
Cracks and damage that occur in porcelain and stone are not an issue for Nadura, and the product can be floated or directly adhered to the subfloor.

The styling of the Nadura product is based around the creation of truly authentic stone and porcelain looking design with the warmth and crack resistance of wood-based core materials and additional minerals. The collection also offers some contemporary takes on the wood optic.

Nadura flooring has dimensions of 853mm x 395mm x 10.5mm, a great tile format that features a special bevelled edge that finishes the concept styling beautifully. Installed using the secure locking system and over a dense underlay to give a more comfortable feel to that aesthetically pleasing ‘stone’ floor.

With a class 23/34 wear rating, this floor is in the industrial use class but with stylish design that means any public building, office, store or educational establishment will be enhanced by the use of Nadura.

With a choice of 16 design/decors to select from including metallics, polished concretes and metallic woods. Special colours can be produced for projects subject to minimum quantity requirements.

As with Catega Flex the Nadura flooring product offers the following features:

  • 100% Free of PVC and plasticisers
  • Excellent impact and scratch resistance
  • High resistance to fire Cfl-s1 (hardly flammable)
  • High resistance to fading/excellent colourfast performance
  • Suitable for use with underfloor heating
  • Blue Angel award for sustainability
  • PEFC certified

Meister non-vinyl technologies such as Catega Flex and Nadura offer the designer and end-user quality, high performance flooring products that provide the design aesthetics required in today’s marketplace.

Combined with a genuine manufacturing approach that integrates sustainability into each stage of manufacture, supply and lifecycle performance. Aftercare service is provided by experienced flooring people in each market sector and location ensuring the concepts and innovations are delivered effectively to the flooring user and their business or residential environment.

With MeisterWerke standing for quality and innovation, Catega Flex and Nadura are part of a range of quality products, 100% made in Germany.

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