20mm Exterior Tiling

The characteristics and applications of the Outdoor collection

By Jordi Gil, Export Director, Rocersa.

Rocersa’s pioneering Outdoor collection is a comprehensive suite of technical ceramic tiles specifically manufactured for public and domestic outdoor applications.

The main characteristic of Outdoor collection is the 20mm thickness that imbues the tiles with great strength and break resistance that allows them to cope with the inevitable tensions experienced by external tilling.

What is more, Outdoor is a technical porcelain range and so offers a number of clear technical advantages:

  1. Low water absorption.
  2. Stain and chemical resistance.
  3. Suitability for high traffic areas.
  4. Easy cleaning.
  5. Frost-resistance.
  6. Fire-resistance.
  7. Anti-slip surface.
  8. Not affected by moss or insects
  9. Durability
  10. Perfectly calibrated and uniform thickness.
  11. Longevity, with the appearance remaining unaltered over time.
  12. Allows continuity of the same flooring, inside and outside.

Rocersa: 20mm tile pioneers

Rocersa was one of the first factories introducing the 20mm concept in the market, and their products have been widely tested in airports, public squares, industrial premises, hotels, shopping centres and residential homes.

Rocersa’s Outdoor collection is suitable for indoor and outdoor installation, including gardens, swimming pools, terraces, patios, and stairs; and there are many installation options.

Pedestal-mounted installation

A technical-elevated system, that uses purpose-design supports or pedestals, it makes it possible to install the Outdoor collection raised from the floor and levelled without using adhesives. This system can be used to hide plumbing, electrical wires, hoses and other services. Such a system offers many advantages:

It is not linked to the building structure, avoiding possible cracking or breaking. This is an important advantage for those installations exposed to sunlight and outdoor atmospheric conditions.

Easy maintenance and inspection of the underlying services.
Increased soundproofing and air chamber for thermal insulation.
The spacing between tiles (+/- 3mm) facilitates water drainage.

Achieves flat and continuous paving, obviating the need to create slopes for drainage, or the incorporation of grating or drains.

Due to its low weight (47kg/m2), it is ideal for areas with structural weight limits, notably balconies.

Guarantee protection against floor expansion or contraction.

Prevents water leakage between the material and the waterproofing.

Lower installation cost: no need for highly qualified staff.

Easy and clean installation, that requires no adhesive.

Easily demountable and reusable.

It is possible to work over the waterproofing layer without breaking the paving, considerably reducing time and costs

Dry installation

Dry installation offers the potential to lay the tiles directly on grass, gravel or pebbles. Without adhesives or alternative support systems. This has many benefits:

No adhesive required.

Quick to install, ecological and highly aesthetic.

Immediately usable and quickly removed (avoiding legal installation problems)

Traditional Adhesive Installation

The final option is traditional tile installation with specialist adhesives. This method allows the Outdoor collection to be used in driveways, ramps, shopping centres, etc. This system also offers a clear set of benefits:

Withstands high traffic stress

Does not absorb stains; easy to clean, even with a pressure hose.

Design options

Presently the Outdoor collection has more than twenty ranges with a high variety of designs, textures and sizes which allow creating spaces with endless possibilities:

Wood planks: Everglow; Flow; Old Station; Renegade; Icon, and Venice
Cements: Mustang; Contract; Synergy, and Belfort.

Stone: Chrono; Bluenorte; Atmosphere; Blacksheep; Dover; Axis; Livermore; Alpena; Materia; Morvan, and Citadel.

The available sizes are 600 by 600mm; 750 by 750mm; 300 by 1,200mm and 600 by 1,200mm with rectified edges, and 610 by 610mm with natural edges.

In addition, Rocersa offer selected products in a Modular finish. In this option, four sizes (600 by 600; 400 by 600; 200 by 400 and 200 by 200mm) are mixed in the same box, with five different layout options.
The collection also has special pieces for stairs, swimming pools borders, etc.

Most of the ranges are also available in 10mm and PTV>36, giving the option of an indoor/outdoor look for commercial and residential projects.
All Rocersa’s anti-slip 20mm and 10mm products are developed with the latest generation of glazes and soft relief surfaces allowing a perfect combination of high anti-slip ratings and easy-to-clean surfaces.

In conclusion, the Outdoor collection is ceramic product that is equally good for refurbishment and new build construction projects, offering many advantages that are attracting an ever-growing number of specifiers.

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