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Facades: Ceramic solutions for the supreme discipline of architecture

By Technical Department, Agrob Buchtal

Building envelopes are visible around the clock and lend our cities and landscapes their characteristic look. That is why this demanding sector is considered one of the supreme disciplines of architecture. Ceramics is an attractive solution for this field of application, permitting the creation of both one-off individual designs, and easily replicable ‘standard’ specifications that are ideal for large-scale projects spread across multiple structures.

Nothing is impossible
This well-known slogan also applies to the design of ceramic façade claddings. The renowned architectural ceramics brand Agrob Buchtal offers an almost unlimited range of mono-colours and nuanced designs; as well as different shapes, surfaces and special pieces that can generate impressive results, including striking three-dimensional effects.

Now, this wide spectrum has been attractively expanded thanks to the sophisticated possibilities of ceramic digital printing. Typical examples for this are designs inspired by nature (wood, stone, earth) with attractive optical effects and strong textures or even glazes with striking metallic effects enabling an exciting interplay of light and shadow.

Made for eternity
As it is common practice at Agrob Buchtal, the corresponding sources of inspiration are not simply imitated but subtly interpreted through the application of cutting-edge ceramic technology. The background for this is the significant growth in demand for looks that are authentically based on examples from nature while, at the same time, offering the technical advantages of high-quality ceramics.

One of these advantages is absolute colour and light fastness. Differentiated façade concepts only make sense if the selected shades do not gradually or abruptly change.

Ceramic façades from Agrob Buchtal perfectly meet this requirement and are even resistant to extreme solar radiation and other climatic influences.

These modern ceramic façades are also beneficial from an ecological point of view being durable and sustainable, produced from natural raw materials and being completely harmless for people, animals, plants and the environment.

Safety first
Façade systems from Agrob Buchtal are not only efficient, cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing, but also enable stringent fire safety requirements to be met. They satisfy the highest standards for classification as ‘non-flammable’ and also fulfil the additional requirements for no smoke development and no dropping or dripping while burning. Even in the event of a fire, no fumes or toxic gases are released.

Added value
As one of only a very few tile manufacturers world-wide that specialise in ceramic façades, Agrob Buchtal prides itself in being able to deliver architectural solutions for nearly all potential applications of ceramic tiles.

The brand uses this aspect for a specific design advantage. A lot of Agrob Buchtal’s collections are not only available as façade ceramics but also as ‘normal’ floor and wall tiles, so that cohesive and comprehensive architectural solutions, spanning both exterior and interior areas, can be created.

Another added value provided by Agrob Buchtal is the HT (Hydrophilic Tile) coating that is available as an ex-factory finish on the brand’s tiles. This innovative solution is based on the effect of light and lends ceramic tiles revolutionary characteristics. When rain is falling, they generate a self-washing effect. They also have an antibacterial effect without using chemical products and thus prevent the growth of algae or moss on facades. Furthermore HT eliminates air pollutants such as the exhaust fumes produced by industry and cars. As a result, HT saves time and money, contributes to environmental protection and ensures the enduring aesthetic impression of buildings.

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