Thin porcelain

The new surface for avant-garde architecture

By Linea, Margres.

LINEA series by Margres is a project that results from a market need in the renovation industry, it started to be a solution mainly driven for refurbishment/renovation projects. We quickly understood its potential when the specifiers community started to raise questions about the possibility in being used as cladding, furniture, sanitary ware, kitchen tops, bathroom pods, work tops… so many other possibilities, this made us think “out of the box”. Over the last few years, our research team, together with the product development department, picked up all market’s inputs and put together a wider range of solutionsproducts.

We now offer, what we consider to be, a complete solution starting with floor, wall, shower trays & washer basins. There’s also the possibility in having bespoke solutions regarding specific projects.

LINEA is the new generation of Margres’ porcelain tiles which revolutionizes the concept of ceramics, creating new challenges for the use and designing of spaces where other materials were traditionally preferred.

The revolutionary porcelain tile slabs are produced by means of innovative technology, which combines a pressing force of 15000 tonnes that transforms the purest clays and natural pigments into 3 meters by 1 meter porcelain slabs available in 3,5mm and 5,5mm thickness. LINEA complete range is available in 5 sizes (from 50cmx50cm up to 100cmx300cm) and 30 colours.

Due to its thickness it can be installed on top of existent floor/ walls without the need in removing the old tiles or any other kind of surface since it can be installed on top of different surfaces, such as gypsum plaster, fibre cement panels, concrete, stone or metal, different adhesives are available in the market according to each of the above-mentioned surfaces.

Also, due to the fact of it being a slim, therefore a lighter product (7Kgs/sqm in the 3,5mm slabs), this will allow to reduce weight being transferred into the structure of the building, or in the case of boat projects where bathroom pods are used, the less weight the better.

Traditional renovations where there’s a reduced timescale, such as in Hotels, LINEA solutions will allow to shutdown one floor at the time instead of the traditional method of 3 floors, reducing the costs in having 3 floors shut while you’re just working in one.

Reduction of noise and dust, is also another advantage regarding private projects, allowing the owners to stay while their house is being intervened one room at the time.

It has a modulus of rupture of 50N/ sq. mm. (in the 3,5mm thickness version) that translated represents circa 140 Kg/ Being a slim product it’s flexible up to a 5-meter radius.

It is environmentally friendly since we use less natural resources and the direct/indirect impact in the environment will be lower. The thickness will also have a direct impact since we’re able to transport more sqm/load, therefore we’ll need less lorries/containers to cover the same square meterage.

When used as a façade solution, regardless the system, whether it’s traditional cladding or through a ventilated façade system, its colour is resistant to sunlight and chemical attacks from smoke and/or other atmospheric agents. It’s frost resistant due to its low water absorption capacity.

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